Why did I get a BugSplat?
We know it’s not fun to experience a crash, which is why we built BugSplat. Our mission is to help people who build software fix crashes so that they won’t happen to you.

Here are some things you should know about BugSplat.

BugSplat is a tool that helps software and video game developers understand what happened when their programs crash during use.
Importantly, you do not need to worry about BugSplat being malware—it isn’t. BugSplat is a vital part of the application you were using that just crashed.
Because you saw a BugSplat, the developers supporting your software or video game will now have access to information that will help them fix your crash.
We suggest you always describe the events that caused your software to crash, e.g., “I was on level 4 and then turned right to jump down the elevator shaft when the game crapped out on me,” and send it in. This is helpful to the people that make your software in locating and fixing bugs for all users.
After sending in your crash report, visit your software or video game’s support forum for common fixes to the defect that just caused your crash. Most of the time it will be something simple and easy to fix.
Check out our Documents page for more information about BugSplat. You can also view this link for more help fixing the problem causing your application to BugSplat.
Last modified 2mo ago
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