Why BugSplat?

Here's a list of the top reasons our users choose BugSplat. If you agree, consider signing up here.

  1. BugSplat provides our users with world-class crash reporting on cross-platform, desktop, web, gaming, and mobile platforms.

  2. Integrating BugSplat with your application is a well documented process, you can learn more about it here. Our team provides responsive, friendly support along the way, making getting up and running a straightforward process.

  3. BugSplat has years of experience (15+ years to be more precise) providing crash reporting in a wide variety of applications—from hustling, individual developers to Fortune 500s with millions of users.

  4. We prioritize and build the features our users care about. With a no-nonsense, fast, easy-to-navigate UI and as well as powerful search features, we go above and beyond to build the features you ask for.

    1. Note: we take product feedback seriously. Our team reviews any feedback we receive via our Feedback tool. We respond to all submitted feedback directly.

  5. On average, users stay with BugSplat for 5+ years after first integrating their app with our crash reporting service.

  6. There is nothing complicated with our fair and straightforward pricing—no big, scary, complex tables that leave you wondering what you're actually getting with a plan. By making our pricing simple, we've found a lot of ways to pass along savings to our users.

  7. BugSplat is a bootstrapped company that answers only to our users.

  8. Every new account signing up for BugSplat helps us plant more trees to fight deforestation and the climate crisis through our partner, One Tree Planted.

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