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Plans and Billing Guide


BugSplat offers a variety of plan types built to cover everyone from solo developers to large corporations. Plans come in a number of different levels which allow for users to customize what they purchase in order to fit their specific needs.
This guide is for users interested in upgrading to a paid account and BugSplat account holders looking to either upgrade to a larger plan or manage their current plan.
Note that only non-restricted users can change billing settings. If you are unable to view these pages please request access from a non-restricted team member.
Signed up for a BugSplat plan before March 15th, 2022? Your account is governed by the legacy pricing plan. Please see here to learn more.
Have questions related to plans and billing? Please contact sales at [email protected] or ask us a question on Discord.

Choosing a plan

BugSplat offers several different plans that each have different features and limits, allowing you to choose the plan and features that meet you and your team’s needs.
Determining which plan is right for you or your team depends on what you are specifically looking for out of your plan.

Solo plan

The Solo plan is BugSplat's free-to-use plan that's great for individual developers working on a single project. It comes with 25,000 monthly crash and error reports for one app. Key features like Github and Gitlab integrations as well as email alerts are also included.
Interested in the Solo plan? Accounts default to this plan after the 14-day free trial.

Team plan

The Team plan is perfect for smaller teams that require up to 50,000 monthly crashes and errors. The Team plan comes with 4 users and 2 apps and has the option to add more of both for a low monthly cost.
Additionally, Team plan account holders get expanded defect tracker integrations, notifications & alerts via chat tools, API access, and help us contribute to OneTreePlanted.
See all of the features that come with the Team plan on the Plans page.

Business plan

The Business plan is the best choice for medium or large teams - as well as anyone supporting applications that require more than 100,000 monthly crashes and errors.
The Business plan is the most customizable plan as it allows account-holders to configure their account to process up to 1 million monthly crashes and errors.
Out of the box, the Business plan comes with 100,000 monthly crashes and errors, 4 users, and 3 apps with the ability to purchase more user seats and apps.
Finally, the Business Plan comes with additional features like advanced user management tools for managing larger teams, user privacy tools like PII obfuscation & custom crash and error expiry, and fractional crash processing.
See all of the features that come with the Team plan on the Plans page.

Enterprise plan

BugSplat's Enterprise plans are for enterprise-scale customers and account holders who need custom agreements and plans. Enterprise plans are fixed-rate, tiered subscriptions that allow for volume-based discounts on annual reports, users, and applications.
Team's looking to take advantage of the Enterprise can benefit from volume-based discounts, custom agreements, and other benefits.
Think an Enterprise Plan is right for your team? Please get in touch with [email protected] to learn more about plans for your team.

Paying for your plan

To choose a plan navigate to the Billing page inside of your Admin settings inside of your BugSplat account. There you will be able to upgrade to a paid plan by clicking on the Update Plan button.
This button brings up the Update Plan pop-up that allows you to select your plan type (Business or Team), monthly crash volume, number of users, number of apps, and payment period (monthly or yearly). Once you've chosen the desired plan specifications hit Update at the bottom right to bring up the review and payment method page.
For our Team and Business plans, we accept all major credit cards.
For Enterprise plans, account holders are able to pay annually via bank transfers and check.

Upgrading and changing your plan

Team and Business account holders can upgrade or change their plan at any point during their billing cycle. To upgrade or change your plan visit the Billing page and click on the Update Plan button.
The Update Plan button will allow you to change account settings like plan type, total users, total applications, and monthly crash & error volume. Additionally, you'll be given the option to pay annually.
Adding more retention days: After upgrading from Solo to Team or Team to Business, users will have the option to increase the number of days they retain crashes. To edit this for any database visit the database-pecific Privacy page.
All upgrades take into account the point in the current billing cycle and pro-rate accordingly.
Looking to upgrade to an Enterprise plan? Simply email [email protected] and let us know.

General questions on plans and billing

What is a crash or error?

BugSplat client libraries integrate with your code to capture exception information and send it to the BugSplat website. That package of information is called a crash or error report. Each report equals one crash or error.

How many crashes do I need?

Choose the lowest volume plan that will cover your current annual crash rate. If you don’t know how many crashes you’re likely to post in a year, don't hesitate to get in touch with [email protected], and we can assist with an estimate.

How do I integrate BugSplat?

Adding BugSplat to your application is a straightforward and well-documented process detailed in full in the Getting Started section of our docs. After you sign up for a free trial, BugSplat will walk you through the process of configuring your app or game to send crash and error data to BugSplat.

Are prices for individual projects?

No, BugSplat encourages using your account for multiple projects or games. Each project should be managed under a different "app", and if your account run's out of "apps", then it's easy and economical to add more to your plan.

Can I pay yearly?

Absolutely. You can see the annual prices by toggling the button above the pricing table to "Annual". There’s a 20% discount if you choose to pay upfront for your plan.

What currency are plans listed in?

All amounts listed in BugSplat and our documentation are in U.S. Dollars (USD).

What payment methods are supported?

We support payments by all major credit cards and bank transfers. For Enterprise Plans, users are free to pay by check.

I'm part of a non-profit or charitable cause. Is there a discount?

BugSplat provides discounted and free plans for non-profit and charitable causes. It's our way of supporting the community and giving back to people doing great things online. If you think you qualify, please see our docs.

Can I collect more crashes or errors than are listed above?

Yes, our Enterprise plan can cover any level of crash or error volume you need. Please get in touch with [email protected] to learn more.

What is an 'App'?

Both the Team and Business plans come with a specific amount of 'apps' included in their plans. 'Apps' are how BugSplat organizes crash and error reports to keep them organized and easy to navigate for the teams working on them.
For example, the Team plan comes with two 'apps' because it is best practice to keep back-end and client reports from a single Application separate. The Business plan comes with three 'apps' to provide for further organization and customization.
Both plans allow teams to add more 'apps' to their plans in order to accommodate further customization and the addition of other products and applications your team might be supporting.

Can I manage more than one project, application, or game with my plan?

Yes, each plan comes with a standard number of "apps" that allow you to easily organize and handle multiple projects. All paid plans come with at least 2 "apps", allowing you to separate back-end and client-side crashes and errors into separate buckets. Want to add more projects or more finely separate crashes? It's easy to upgrade your plan to include more "Apps".

Can I add more users to my account?

Yup! Both the Team and Business plans allow you to add additional users whenever you want. Learn more in the doc 'Adding Additional Users and Apps to Your Plan'.

Do I have to process all my crashes and errors, or can I process some fraction of them?

Users on the Business and Enterprise plan have the option to process a percentage of their crash volume using the High Volume Fractional Crash Processing tool.

What happens when I post more crashes or errors than are in my plan?

By default, BugSplat collects all crashes and errors submitted from an application. When a plan's level is exceeded, upgrading to a larger plan could be advisable.
For Business plans, BugSplat can distribute a collection of crashes over high volume times to collect crash data more economically via a Fractional Crash Collection process.
For Team plans, crashes are rejected once an account surpasses 100,000 crashes or errors per month. If those additional crashes are critical, users can upgrade at any point to the Business plan and continue tracking those crashes.