Plans and Billing Overview

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BugSplat offers a variety of plan types built to cover everyone from individual developers to large businesses managing many teams. Plans come in several different levels, allowing users to customize what they purchase to fit their specific needs.

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This guide is for users interested in upgrading to a paid account and BugSplat account holders looking to upgrade to a larger plan or manage their current one.

Note that only non-restricted users can change billing settings. If you cannot view these pages, please request access from a non-restricted team member.

Do you have questions about plans and billing? Please contact sales at, via our in-app chat, or ask us a question on Discord.

Choosing a plan

At BugSplat, we offer a range of plans tailored to meet the needs of projects and teams of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. Here's a detailed look at what each plan offers:

Free Plan

Designed to support small projects that are just getting off the ground, our Free Plan offers an accessible entry point with essential features to manage crashes and errors effectively. This plan allows for up to three user logins and includes one user group, ensuring your team can collaborate efficiently from the start. With 100MB of included storage and a 1-month data retention policy, small teams can monitor and address up to 15,000 crashes and errors per month. This plan also provides full data on crash and error events, intelligent crash grouping, automated symbol uploads, GitHub integration, and email notifications, laying a solid foundation for initial project development and debugging processes.

Team Plan

Our Team Plan is best suited for growing apps and teams at any size company, enhancing everything offered in the Free Plan with additional capabilities to support expansion. It accommodates up to 10 user logins and maintains the structure of one user group, with a significant increase in storage to 250GB. Furthermore, this plan allows teams to add additional storage as needed and extends data retention to 3 months. Starting at 15,000 monthly crashes and errors, teams have the flexibility to add more crash volume anytime.

The Team Plan also introduces defect tracker integrations (including Jira, Azure DevOps, Assembla, and YouTrack), notifications and alerts via platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Discord, customizable rules for crash grouping, and responsive email support. For teams looking to scale, both crashes can be increased up to 100,000 per month, and storage can be expanded up to 1,000GB.

Business Plan

Tailored for teams with larger apps and/or more than one project, the Business Plan builds upon the Team Plan with advanced features for comprehensive management. It offers 20 user logins and three user groups, along with a 500GB storage capacity that can also be increased as needed. Data retention is extended up to 6 months, starting at 50,000 monthly crashes and errors with the option to add more.

This plan introduces advanced user management tools, PII obfuscation, API access, optional fractional crash and error processing, in-app chat and email support, and MFA enforcement, addressing the needs of more complex projects and larger teams.

Enterprise Plan

Our Enterprise Plan is designed for companies managing big apps and/or multiple projects and teams, providing the most extensive support and customization options. It includes unlimited users and logins, unlimited user groups, and 1TB of storage, with the ability to add more as needed. Data retention is extended up to 1 year, with custom monthly crash and error limits tailored to your company's specific needs.

Additionally, this plan offers game console support (Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo), tiered discounts, custom agreements, support for full memory crash dumps, SSO integration with custom authentication providers, a private support channel (Discord or Slack), and much more, ensuring that enterprises have all the tools and support necessary for managing large-scale software projects efficiently.

Each of our plans is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to scale up as your projects grow. Whether you're just starting out or managing multiple large-scale applications, BugSplat has a plan that can meet your needs.

Paying for your plan

Upgrading your BugSplat plan is straightforward. Simply visit the Billing section under Admin settings in your account. Here, the "Update Plan" button allows you to choose between our Business or Team plans, set your desired monthly crash volume and storage, and select a billing frequency—monthly or yearly. After customizing your plan, click "Update" to review and enter your payment details.

For Team and Business plans, we accept all major credit cards, and choosing an annual payment option provides a saving equivalent to two months, compared to monthly billing. Enterprise plans can be paid annually via bank transfer or check, offering flexibility for larger organizations.

This streamlined process ensures you can easily tailor BugSplat to your project's needs, with payment options designed for convenience and scalability.

Modifying Your Plan

Team and Business account holders at BugSplat can adjust their plan anytime during their billing cycle for added flexibility. To initiate changes, navigate to the Billing page in your account and select the "Update Plan" button. This feature empowers you to modify key aspects of your plan, including the plan type and monthly crash & error volume. Notably, you can now opt to increase your storage space to better suit your project needs. Additionally, there's the convenience of choosing to pay on an annual basis.

All plan modifications are seamlessly integrated into your current billing cycle, with adjustments pro-rated to ensure fairness and accuracy in billing.

Interested in transitioning to an Enterprise plan for even more comprehensive features? Reach out directly to our team by emailing We're here to facilitate your upgrade and ensure your plan aligns perfectly with your project's scale and complexity.

General questions on plans and billing

What is a crash or error?

BugSplat client libraries integrate with your code to capture exception information and send it to the BugSplat website. That package of information is called a crash or error report. Each report equals one crash or error.

How many crashes do I need?

Choose the lowest volume plan that will cover your current annual crash rate. If you don’t know how many crashes you’re likely to post in a year, don't hesitate to get in touch with, and we can assist with an estimate.

How do I integrate BugSplat?

Adding BugSplat to your application is a straightforward and well-documented process detailed in full in the Getting Started section of our docs. After you sign up for a free trial, BugSplat will walk you through the process of configuring your app or game to send crash and error data to BugSplat.

Are prices for individual projects?

No, BugSplat encourages using your account for multiple projects or games. Each project should be managed under a different "app", and if your account run's out of "apps", then it's easy and economical to add more to your plan.

Can I pay yearly?

Absolutely. You can see the annual prices by toggling the button above the pricing table to "Annual". There’s a two-month discount if you choose to pay upfront for your plan.

What currency are plans listed in?

All amounts listed in BugSplat and our documentation are in U.S. Dollars (USD).

What payment methods are supported?

We support payments by all major credit cards and bank transfers. For Enterprise Plans, users are free to pay by check.

I'm part of a non-profit or charitable cause. Is there a discount?

BugSplat provides discounted and free plans for non-profit and charitable causes. It's our way of supporting the community and giving back to people doing great things online. If you think you qualify, please see our docs.

Can I collect more crashes or errors than are listed above?

Yes, our Enterprise plan can cover any level of crash or error volume you need. Please get in touch with to learn more.

What is a User Group?

At BugSplat, User Groups are designed to offer a flexible and efficient way to manage and organize teams within your organization. This feature allows for seamless project and error monitoring, catering to the dynamic needs of large organizations. By establishing User Groups, administrators can assign specific databases and set unique permissions for different teams. This ensures tailored access for team members and facilitates the efficient management of multiple projects simultaneously.

User Groups are pivotal in simplifying permission settings across expansive teams and can be aligned to mirror your organization's structure. Whether it’s segregating access between front-end and back-end development groups or creating distinct permissions for quality assurance teams, User Groups enhance collaboration and project oversight.

Can I manage more than one project, application, or game with my plan?

Absolutely. At BugSplat, we've designed our plans with flexibility in mind, allowing you to manage various projects efficiently through User Groups instead of limiting you to a specific number of "apps." Each plan tier accommodates a different volume of projects, reflecting the diverse needs of our users:

  • Free Plan: This tier is perfect for small teams or individuals just starting out, offering essential tools and features to manage a limited number of projects.

  • Team Plan: Ideal for growing teams, this plan provides enhanced User Group functionalities and is designed to support an increased number of projects, fostering collaboration and efficient error monitoring.

  • Business Plan: Aimed at larger teams with more complex needs, the Business Plan allows for comprehensive project management across numerous initiatives, with advanced User Group capabilities for detailed access control and oversight.

  • Enterprise Plan: The ultimate solution for large organizations managing multiple large-scale projects, offering the highest level of customization, unlimited User Groups, and the ability to tailor the platform to match extensive project portfolios.

It's important to note that there are no limits on databases, versions, or "apps" within BugSplat. Our platform is built to ensure that you have the flexibility to manage and monitor crashes and errors across all your projects without any restrictions. Whether you're working on a single project or overseeing multiple initiatives, BugSplat's scalable solutions are designed to adapt to your specific requirements, facilitating efficient and effective project management.

Can I add more users to my account?

Yup! Both the Team and Business plans allow you to add additional users whenever you want. Learn more in the doc 'Adding Additional Users and Apps to Your Plan'.

Do I have to process all my crashes and errors, or can I process some fraction of them?

Users on the Business and Enterprise plan have the option to process a percentage of their crash volume using the High Volume Fractional Crash Processing tool.

What happens when I post more crashes or errors than are in my plan?

By default, BugSplat collects all crashes and errors submitted from an application. When a plan's level is exceeded, upgrading to a larger plan could be advisable.

For Business plans, BugSplat can distribute a collection of crashes over high volume times to collect crash data more economically via a Fractional Crash Collection process.

For Team plans, crashes are rejected once an account surpasses 100,000 crashes or errors per month. If those additional crashes are critical, users can upgrade at any point to the Business plan and continue tracking those crashes.

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