Password Settings and Reset Options

Required Password Reset (August 4th, 2023): All BugSplat users must reset the password associated with their BugSplat account. Emails containing a password reset link have been sent to all users. If you missed that email, please visit our new login page and follow the steps below for 'Resetting a forgotten password.' Note users who log in using only Google or GitHub are not affected.

BugSplat takes your security seriously and is always working to improve. Please see our Security Program for more details on how we keep you and your data safe. Also, check out our documentation on MFA and SSO to learn more about advanced security options.

Setting your password:

Users are requested to create a password when they create an account with BugSplat. BugSplat requires strong, unique passwords. Specific requirements will be shown on the account creation page.

Updating passwords

  • Resetting a forgotten password: The BugSplat login page has a link labeled 'Forgot your password?' which will allow users to reset their password through a familiar set of steps. If you have any issues, please reach out to

    • The password reset page looks like this:

  • Resetting a password inside the app: Users who are currently logged into the app can reset their password by navigating to the 'Password' page under the Options dropdown tab. Select the button that says 'Reset Password'.

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