Our Values

We listen closely to our users

It sounds obvious, but we really pride ourselves on how we interact with our customers. Everyone on the team handles support—full stop. We’ve never lost track of the fact that, as a bootstrapped software business our customers are our biggest supporters. They’ve put lots of trust in us to do the best job possible. We do our best to give back every time we interact with them.

We actively own multiple roles

Being a small team, we ask our team members to handle a wide range of roles. It’s a bit of a cliche at this point—but, having people owning and understanding multiple facets of the product and business leads to a huge bump in innovation, engagement, and personal growth. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We think everything's a big f**&(*ing deal**

We have a saying here at BugSplat that everything you decide to do is a “Big F&(*ing Deal.” How often has a small development task run into unseen difficulties and taken two or three times the time and effort initially predicted? The answer: All the f&(*ing time. That’s why we’re dedicated to doing less, better. We don’t want to get lost in the weeds trying to out-feature anyone. We build straightforward, useful, and powerful tools—not overly complicated ones.

We're remote first

BugSplat has our headquarters in Boulder, CO, where we onboard team members and host all-hands meetings. However, our team is fully remote and has been since the beginning. One of the greatest things about working on a computer for a living is the freedom it can provide people. We're trying to maximize that for people who join our team. The bottom line for us is that great work can happen anywhere.

We give back

BugSplat gives 1% of annual profits to charitable causes that support fighting the climate crisis and promoting inclusion and diversity in the tech industry. If your organization is working on making an impact here, we’d love to help!

We believe in work-life balance 🚵 🏂 ☕ 💻

Having an active and full life outside of work yields huge benefits when you sit back down at the computer. People are more creative, relaxed, focused, productive, and positive when they have an active and rewarding life outside the (remote) office to balance with their work-life. We want our employees to enjoy the work that they do at BugSplat.

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