Adding Additional Crashes and Storage Space

As your project scales, BugSplat seamlessly accommodates its growing demands with options to increase both crash volume and storage capacity. This guide outlines how Team and Business plan users can upgrade their allocations to ensure continuous, efficient monitoring and management of their applications.

Expanding Crash Volume

Both Team and Business plans offer the flexibility to augment your monthly crash volume, starting with a generous allowance that can be increased based on your project's needs:

  • Team Plan: Begins with an allowance of 25,000 crashes per month, which can be expanded to up to 100,000 crashes in increments of 25,000.

  • Business Plan: Starts at 50,000 crashes per month, with the option to extend this up to 100,000 crashes, also in 25,000 crash increments.

This scalability ensures that as your user base grows and your application evolves, BugSplat remains a steadfast partner in handling your increasing volume of crashes and errors.

Increasing Storage Capacity

To store more data and maintain a comprehensive crash report history, both Team and Business plans allow for significant increases in storage space:

  • Team Plan: Initially offers 250GB of storage, with the possibility to expand this up to 1,000GB in 250GB increments.

  • Business Plan: Comes with 500GB of storage, which can similarly be extended up to 1,000GB in 250GB steps.

Such flexibility supports the meticulous analysis and long-term storage of crash reports, facilitating deeper insights into your application's stability and user experience.

How to Upgrade

  1. Accessing Your Plan Settings: Begin by navigating to the Billing page within your BugSplat account. Here, you'll find the 'Update Plan' button, your gateway to adjusting your plan's parameters.

  2. Customizing Your Plan: Upon clicking 'Change Plan,' a user-friendly interface will emerge, presenting sliders or input fields to select your desired increase in crash volume and storage space. This intuitive design makes tailoring your plan to your specific needs both straightforward and precise.

  3. Applying Your Changes: After setting your new crash volume and storage preferences, simply hit 'Update.' Your plan will immediately reflect these changes, empowering you with enhanced capabilities to manage and analyze crashes and errors.

BugSplat is committed to providing scalable, robust tools for software teams of all sizes. By enabling easy adjustments to crash volume and storage, we ensure your monitoring capabilities grow with your project, providing the insights you need to maintain and improve your application's health and user satisfaction.

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