Creating a Database

In BugSplat, crashes are organized at the highest level into databases. Generally, a database holds all crashes or errors from a single application. To learn more about the hierarchy of BugSplat information, please view this document.

To start using BugSplat, you'll need to create a database. You can create a database through one of two methods.

Creating database via the onboarding tool 🔼

For new BugSplat users, creating a new database can be accomplished via the onboarding process. After creating a new account, users will be prompted to create a database.

Creating a database through the app ➡️

Alternatively, a database can be created on the Manage Database page in Settings by clicking the button labeled + Create Database. This method is also useful when wishing to set up multiple databases under an account.

Naming your database 💻

When choosing a database name, you should pick something that is descriptive and easy to remember. Please note that spaces, periods, and symbols other than _ are not allowed. Some examples of database names are: DeliciousDonutsApp or Super_Strong_Coffee_App.

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