At BugSplat, weโ€™re committed to nurturing the educational landscape by providing tools that support learning, teaching, and project development in software engineering and game development courses. Our Education Plan is specifically tailored to meet the needs of educators and students by offering access to professional debugging tools at no cost.

Education Plan: Empowering Learning and Development

The Education Plan is crafted for students and educators involved in academic projects or courses that require in-depth software debugging and crash analysis. Reflecting the structure of our Indie Game Plan, the Education Plan offers the base features of our Team Plan, ensuring educational endeavors are supported with the full suite of debugging tools needed for a comprehensive learning experience.

  • Annual Allowance: Participants in the Education Plan receive an annual allowance of 25,000 monthly crashes and 250GB of storage, designed to cater to the demands of educational projects and coursework.

  • Eligibility and Renewal: This plan is available to both students and educators who intend to use BugSplat within an educational setting, whether for classroom instruction, workshops, or school projects. We encourage educators to use BugSplat for class projects, understanding that there is no expectation for them to transition to a paid plan. However, projects that evolve beyond the academic environment into commercial endeavors may need to consider upgrading after the first year.

    • To continue enjoying the benefits of the Education Plan, we ask that you reach out to us at at the end of each academic year. This simple step ensures we can renew your access for another year, keeping your teaching and learning resources uninterrupted. Teachers utilizing BugSplat in their curriculum are invited to renew annually to maintain access, while projects transitioning to a commercial phase should discuss their plans with us for appropriate guidance.

Connect with Us on Discord

We invite our educational users to join the BugSplat Discord community. It's a vibrant space where students and educators can engage with fellow developers, share insights, and find inspiration. The BugSplat team is also active on Discord, ready to provide support and answer any questions you might have. Join us by connecting at BugSplat Discord Community and become part of a growing network dedicated to software development and game development education.

Supporting BugSplat During Your Free Plan

While thereโ€™s no obligation to support us, we deeply appreciate any positive mentions within your academic networks, documentation, or online materials. Sharing your experience with BugSplat helps us grow and continue offering these resources to the educational community.

The Education Plan at BugSplat is more than just access to tools; itโ€™s our commitment to supporting the educational journey of future developers, offering a real-world platform that enhances learning outcomes and project success.

How to get started

To get started with the Extended Free Tier Plan for education, follow the below steps:

  1. Sign up for an account here.

  2. Follow the Gettings Started docs to set up your account.

  3. Send us an email at asking for the Education Free Plan. Make sure to include a bit telling us about your project.

  4. Gain approval and get access to the Extended Free Tier Plan for education.

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