Symbol Files

Symbol files are critical to getting useful data from your crashes. Windows, Breakpad, Crashpad, MacOS, and some JavaScript applications require symbol files to be uploaded to generate call stacks containing function names and line numbers. The symbol upload process can be automated as part of your build. Many of our SDKs require symbols and can be uploaded and managed via the Versions page.

For additional information regarding Symbol files, please visit the documentation specific to your application's platform

What are Symbols?

Symbols are files containing information to map the minidump file contents to file names and line numbers in source code.

Using Symbols

Windows C++ and .NET symbol files have .exe, .pdb, and .dll extensions.

For Crashpad applications, symbols files contain .sym extensions

For macOS applications, symbols files end with a .dSYM extension.

For TypeScript and JavaScript applications, symbols are files with a extension.

Symbol files can be uploaded via symbol-upload. Additionally, Crashpad .sym files can be generated automatically by invoking symbol-upload with the -m argument.

Additional Resources

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