BugSplat allows users to leave comments and have discussions about crashes and stack keys.

Leaving Comments

Using the Activity module found at the bottom of the Crashes and Stack Key pages allows users to comment and discuss issues pertaining to the defect.

This can be a useful tool for making personal notes or for having a larger discussion with team members.

Comments left in the Activity module persist and are viewable by anyone with access to the database where the crash or stack key lives.

Adding a Note

Notes differ slightly from comments as they are not designed to foster a conversation around a crash or stack key but are used to manually add details important to understanding the crash.

The โ€œNotesโ€ tools live in the right-hand action column of the Crashes and Stack Key pages.

When text is added to the Notestool that text is searchable and appears in line with other crash and error data on the Crashes page.

Team's use this tool to add custom, searchable data to crash reports and stack keys.

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