This Development section includes articles that are useful for using BugSplat and getting the most out of the app.

โ€‹Using the App - is a walkthrough of the different pages in the app, how to navigate inside the app, and how to begin using the app to view crash data.

โ€‹Symbol Files - are a critical component of getting useful data from your crashes. They're also a common stumbling block for new users.

โ€‹Filtering - contains instructions on how to search application crash data to find and isolate specific crashes or crash groups.

โ€‹Grouping - is an overview of how to compare groups of crashes to see into crash and stability trends.

โ€‹Subkeying - is a way to group a set of crashes at some level other than the top level of the call stack.

โ€‹Commenting - is BugSplat's built-in comment tool and issue tracker.

โ€‹3rd Party Tools - compliment your workflow by integrating BugSplat with your issue tracker, messaging app, or another tool.

โ€‹API โ€“ is an overview of the BugSplat API.