Send Feedback

We value and encourage user feedback. Hearing what could help make BugSplat better for you is one of the best tools we have for improving our product offering.

Many of our best features over the years have come out of user feedback and participation.

If there's something you think we need to know - make sure to pass it along!


The first way to provide feedback is to use our product feedback tool which is found in our Intercom chat window at the bottom right of the app window.

Our support team gets alerted as soon as any feature request or bug is submitted.

Note: If you don' see the Intercom chat window (a small blue circle at the bottom right of your app screen) then it is likely getting blocked from loading by some tool in your browser.


Please also feel free to contact the support team with feedback via email by sending a note to support@bugsplat.coml

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