Localized Support Responses for Windows C++, .NET, and macOS

BugSplat's Support Response feature allows developers to display a localized message to their users at the time of a crash. The Support Response feature is currently supported by our Windows C++, .NET Framework, and macOS integrations and support for other platforms is coming soon. The following steps will allow you to create a localized Support Response message for all crashes in your database. These same steps can be applied to create localized stack key specific Support Response messages as well.

Step 1

Log in to the web application and navigate to the Support Response page to edit the default support response for your database

Step 2

Create a new key for the localized version of your support message by typing a value in the key field. You'll want to remember what you typed here for later.

Step 3

Enter a subject for your support message. This subject is for internal use only and will not be displayed to the customer.

Step 4

In the code you use to initialize BugSplat, provide the value you used for key from step 2.

Windows C++

mpSender = new MiniDmpSender(L"Fred", L"myConsoleCrasher", L"1.0", L"es-ES", MDSF_USEGUARDMEMORY | MDSF_LOGFILE | MDSF_PREVENTHIJACKING);


BugSplat.CrashReporter.Init("Fred", "myDotNetCrasher", "1.0");
BugSplat.CrashReporter.AppIdentifier = "es-ES";

Mac OS

- (NSString *)applicationKeyForBugsplatStartupManager:(BugsplatStartupManager *)bugsplatStartupManager signal:(NSString *)signal exceptionName:(NSString *)exceptionName exceptionReason:(NSString *)exceptionReason;
    return @"es-ES";

Step 5

Generate a crash and ensure that the correct support response is loaded, you should see your translated message.

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