The How-To segment covers guides and tutorials for common stumbling blocks, best practices, feature overviews, and more.

These resources are meant to help new users get the most out of BugSplat following completion of the Getting Started resources or to help current users find resources that can help them further customize their BugSplat account.

BugSplat Basics

The BugSplat Basics section covers important features and skills needed for using BugSplat.

pageUsing the ApppageTable FilteringpageCommentingpageCreating DefectspageSend Feedback

Diving Into Defect Data

The Diving Into Defect Data includes tutorials and docs outlining features useful for exploring the data BugSplat can gather on application defects.

pageSymbol FilespageReprocess CrashespageBatch Reprocess Crashes

Supporting Application Users

The documents in the Supporting Application Users section covers issues critical to providing the best possible experience for end-users when they run into crashes and errors in a live application.

pageSupport ResponsespageCrash Dialog BrandingpageContacting End-Users

Defect Data

pageSymbol Files

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