How to Manually Upload Symbols

Symbols are used to display the original source code function names and line numbers from the call stacks of compiled applications.

Step 1

Navigate to the Versions page.

Step 2

Click the Upload Symbols button to open the Symbol Upload modal. Alternatively, you can expand a row in the table and upload symbols to an existing version.

Step 3

Enter values in the Application and Version fields if they are displayed. These values must match the application and version values you used to configure BugSplat in your application.

Step 4

Drag and drop the files you would like to upload, or use the Select Files link to choose the files in your system file explorer.

Choose all of the symbol files that correspond to your application. Windows symbol files have .exe, .dll, and .pdb file extensions. MacOS symbol files can be extracted from a .xcarchive (must be zipped before uploading), or you can upload .dSYM files. Crashpad and Breakpad symbol files have a .sym file extension. TypeScript and JavaScript symbol files have a extension.

Step 5

Symbols that have been uploaded successfully will display a green checkmark next to their names. Once all files have been uploaded the Close button will be enabled and you can safely close the dialog.

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