Partnering with BugSplat

Providing excellent crash reporting is tough - especially scaling and supporting a solution that is reliable and affordable. Luckily we've got years of experience doing just that!

Partnerships we are uniquely qualified for:

  • Licensing agreements to cover crash reporting for communities of developers.

  • Integrating BugSplat technology with existing services or platforms.

  • Crash reporting for large corporations which support software across a variety of deployment environments

  • Consulting for best practices collecting and leveraging crash data in deployed applications

Reaching out

If any of the above partnerships are interesting to you, or if you have something else we could help you with, please tell let us know via this form, our Discord, or by email at

Charitable Giving

At BugSplat our positive impact extends past the tools and services we provide our customers. If you are looking for sponsorships, donations, or for a collaboration with our team, please contact us.

We're especially interested in causes involving environmentalism, closing the gender gap for women in technology, and providing opportunities to young developers and entrepreneurs.

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