There's a lot to consider when building a game, but one thing that a team shouldn't have to worry about is expensive and difficult to maintain tools.

That's why BugSplat and EQU8 have partnered to offer a pre-release package to aid in the development and launch of new games.

Through this partnership, studios building a new game get access to a package of world-class bug reporting and anti-cheat tools for free.

BugSplat is a service that software and video game developers use to better understand what happens when their application crashes during use. EQU8 is a client-centric anti-cheat system for online PC games built on three major cornerstones: user-friendliness, a flexible & accurate management system, and world-class anti-cheat technology.

"Crash reporting is critical during the development and launch of a video game. BugSplat helps teams quickly find their critical defects while testing their game. Teams leverage BugSplat to spend fewer hours testing while still delivering a rock-solid game to their users at launch," says Joey Plunkett, BugSplat's product manager.

"After launch, it's just as critical because crash reports let you know how stable your game is for your users as well as giving you the data you need to fix your defects."

It's not just crashes that can ruin a game launch. Hype can quickly dissolve if a game is exposed to constant cheating, destroying the countless years and hours spent in development.

"Anti-cheat similarly ensures a successful launch by stopping cheaters who ruin users' experiences in online, multi-player games. EQU8's approach is easy for teams to manage and very difficult for cheaters to subvert."

With new games raising $2M or $10M or more during development, there's too much on the line to have the launch of a game go poorly.

Cheaters and game crashes ruin games. With BugSplat and EQU8 teams have the tools they need to give their game its best chance at success.

Sign up today and get 50,000 crash reports for free from BugSplat and $10k in credits (six months free after open beta - whichever comes first) of EQU8's anti-cheat software.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at hi@bugsplat.com

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